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No matter which type of marketing you want to use for your company, S&J Marketing Solutions can help you research and implement a marketing campaign that will allow your company to win the consumer’s attention and hold the search engine results.

Depending on your company and the industry you are in, we will choose the best marketing strategy that will produce the best results for you.

Helping to extend you, your brand, & your relationship with your customers.

S&J Marketing Solutions maintains a competitive edge with over fifteen years of experience. We are committed to creating real relationships and driving measurable results.

Strategic Media Planning

We meet with our clients to better understand your target audience and what media platforms they consume. We will evaluate this information to determine the best media platforms to communicate your message and brand. Your media strategy can include sponsorships, fundraisers, charitable events, community events, content writing, social engagement, radio, TV and more. Once we have the media strategy in place, we will then get to work on your ad campaigns. While we have an in-house design team, we can also work with your creative team or agency to create an optimal design for your campaign.

Strategic Brand Marketing

We will work with our clients to create a brand strategy that is best suitable for your product and consumers. Your brand strategy is the essence of what you represent and allows you to communicate more effectively with your market. Your brand includes your logo, slogan, tagline, images, color palette and messages you deliver across social media campaigns and other media platforms.


S&J Marketing Solutions copywriters can craft well written creative copy for brochures, feature articles,
direct mail, promotional letters, employee manuals, proposal writing, bio writing, resume writing,
website copy, blog & article ghostwriting, newsletter, press releases, business (B2B) copywriting,
consumer (C2B) copywriting, and content marketing strategy.

Press Release Writing

Press Release writing can be a daunting task for the unexperienced writer. S&J Marketing Solutions has well-seasoned and experienced writers that can oversee the writing of your press release. Your press release writer will be a professional in the field of public relations, marketing or journalism, and have extensive knowledge of a wide range of subjects and industries. We provide press material creation, media follow-up and media relations.

Press Release Distribution

You will likely want to distribute your press release to the media. In addition to the press release writing services we offer, our team offers distribution to your local media market in the United States. We can also distribute to magazines and trade publications depending on the industry. Your press release will be released via email and fax to reporters, editors and news directors. If you need national distribution, we offer this via BusinessWire. You will reach your target market through digital, print, broadcast newsrooms, individual reporters and editors, consumers, financial and news portals, websites, news syndicators, bloggers, social media networks and more. Journalist and consumers want to see photos, videos and other multimedia – all which make your headline more likely to be clicked – as much as 5 times more likely. Search engines now look for phrases and terms in context that supports surrounding copy and link back to additional relevant content. Include Tweet-friendly bullets with your preferred messaging and relevant links; add images and video that’s easy to publish and share. Content that is easy for audiences to publish and share enhances your earned media authority for search engines.

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